Yap Sin Yee

An independent and self-motivated computer science graduate with proficient programming skills, particularly in web development and machine learning. A strong link between theory and practice from a BSc, practical internship and freelance web development job.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."


  • Web Development (Front end/Back end web application, website)

  • Machine Learning (Modelling and simulation)

  • Bioinformatics (Neuroimaging analysis, sequence alignment)

  • Database Management (MySQL, SPSS, MongoDB)

  • Statistics (Results visualization)

  • Others (Communication, teamwork, critical thinking)


  1. Malay βžŠβž‹βžŒβžβžŽβžβžβž‘βžˆβž‰

  2. Chinese βžŠβž‹βžŒβžβžŽβžβžβž‘βž’βž‰

  3. English βžŠβž‹βžŒβžβžŽβžβžβž‘βžˆβž‰

  4. French βžŠβž‹βžŒβžβžŽβž…βž†βž‡βžˆβž‰

πŸ’» Work Experience

Research @ Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Sept 2020 - Current

Full Time Research Assistant

Work with Dr. Chan Weng Howe's research team, focusing on the applied computing and computational intelligence researches.
  • Modular Housing Design
    A collaborative project involving Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Built Environment & Surveying, focusing on developing genetic algorithm (GA) based multi-objective algorithm to optimize the identified variables (in terms of modular housing design and wall finishes) towards achieving near-optimal cost and sustainability.
  • Cancer classification using gene expression data
    Applying ensemble machine learning technique and penalization method to select the informative gene for cancer classification.


April 2020 - Current

Artificial Intelligence Team Member

CORONATRACKER.com is a community-based project and it is the only independent COVID-19 platform recognized by WHO.
  • Differentiating country COVID-19 rates by demographic factors
  • Transportation/network model (flights/telco) to predict COVID-19 trends

Brain Mapping Unit @ University of Cambridge

September 2019 - January 2020

Research Intern (Neuroimaging Analysis)

Supervisor: Prof John Suckling, Director of Research
Research Area:Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neuroimaging Analysis
  • Developed a Convolutional Autoencoder model that produces latent representation of functional connectivity with lower dimensionality.
  • Publish review paper (on-going).

Advanx Health

June 2020 - August 2020

Bioinformatics Intern

Job scopes:
  • Build polygenic model, SNP analysis, website development


Other Previous Jobs

  • Petrosains Sdn Bhd
    (June 2018 - August 2018)
    Referee & Workshop Speaker

  • Soka Gakkai Malaysia - Magazine
    (Jan 2013 - Dec 2015)
    Mandarin-English Translator

Professional Certification

  • IBM Machine Learning with Python
    Grade: A
    Issued: Mar 2020

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    Overall Band 7.5
    Expiration Date: Dec 2021

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirement
    Issued: Feb 2019

  • Occupational Safety, Health & Environment (OSHE)
    Issued: Sept 2019

Professional Membership

International Society For Computational Biology

Member (2020 - 2021)



πŸŽ“ Education

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Bachelor of Computer Science (Bioinformatics)

September 2016 - August 2020

Year 1

Semester 1

  • SCSD1513 Technology and Information System
  • SCSI1013 Discrete Structure
  • SCSJ1013 Programming Technique I
  • SCSR 1013 Digital Logic
  • UHAS1172 Malaysia Dynamic
  • UICI1012 Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS)

Semester 2

  • SCSI1113 Computational Mathematic
  • SCSJ1023 Programming Technique II
  • SCSR1213 Network Communications
  • SCSI2143 Probability & Statistical Data Analysis
  • SQBS1143 Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • ULAB1122 Academic English Skills

Year 2

Semester 3

  • SCSD2523 Database
  • SCSD2613 System Analysis and Design
  • SCSR2033 Computer Organization and Architecture
  • SCSV2113 Human Computer Interaction
  • UKQU2612 First Aids

Semester 4

  • SCSV1223 Web Programming
  • SCSJ2154 Object Oriented Programming
  • ULAB2122 Advanced Academic English Skills
  • SCSJ2203 Software Engineering
  • SCSB2103 Bioinformatics I

Year 3

Semester 5

  • SCSJ3203 Theory of Computer Science
  • ULAB3162 English for Professional Purpose
  • SCSJ3104 Applications Development
  • SCSJ3553 Artificial Intelligence
  • SCSB3203 Programming for Bioinformatics
  • SQBS3683 Structure And Function of Proteins

Semester 6

  • SCSB3032 Bioinformatics Final Year Project I
  • SCSB3133 Computational Biology I
  • SCSB3213 Bioinformatics Database
  • SCSD3761 Entrepreneurship Seminar
  • SMBE4193 Genetic and Protein Technology
  • UCSD2762 Fundamental of Technopreneurship
  • UICI2022 Science, Technology and Mankind
  • UKQU2202 Elective Innovation and Creativity

Year 4

Semester 7

(Research Internship at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • SCSB4114 Practical Training Report
  • SCSB4118 Practical Training

Semester 8

  • SCSB4134 Bioinformatics Project II
  • SCSB4243 Special Topic in Bioinformatics
  • SCSB4313 Bioinformatics Modeling and Simulation
  • SCSR2043 Operating Systems
  • SLAF1122 French Language