Web Application

  • This project is to support Arduino based Robot made by Thinkerspace and EarlyEduKids.
  • The web application allows the users to create Arduino codes by just dragging the desired action blocks to the working space.

  • This project is to support Advanx Health research & development team to enter a set of SNP numbers and return the desired information in short time.


  • Website specifically designed for 2019 Merdeka Promotion Event for Advanx Health company.

Academic Projects

  • Final Year Project | Elastic SCAD SVM Cluster For The Selection of Significant Functional Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder Classification
  • Cambridge Internship | Convolutional Autoencoder for Extraction of Functional Connectivity of Functional Connectivity in ASD
  • UTM Online Grading System
  • AI Skin Cancer Detection System
  • WearTHER | Suggesting Wearing Based on Weather
  • SUPERB | Suggest Events Based on Personalities